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You're invited to Esquire Deposition Solutions' webinar Conducting Depositions Online: What You Need to Know. Gain a complete understanding of what remote deposition options are available to you now, and how they work. You'll also learn how to avoid critical issues and the pitfalls of inaccurately conducting depositions online.

Get answers to these top five Remote Deposition and Remote Reporter questions:

  1. What is a remote deposition?
  2. How can we ensure videoconferencing technology works smoothly?
  3. What are the benefits of conducting depositions remotely and using a remote reporter?
  4. Why can I trust that a remote reporter will accurately produce the record?
  5. Are remote depositions and remote reporters legal in my state?

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Conducting Depositions Online: What You Need to Know

Session 6 (one hour):
Tuesday, May 12th
3 PM Eastern/12 PM Pacific

Session 7 (one hour):
Wednesday, May 13th
12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific

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